If you think what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger you haven’t been hit hard enough yet.
What doesn’t kill you makes you forget your name.
What doesn’t kill you gives you post traumatic stress disorder.
What doesn’t kill you just makes you hate your life.
What doesn’t kill you makes you wish you were dead.
What doesn’t kill you makes you jump at the slightest noise.
What doesn’t kill you makes you an alcoholic and an impossible person to live with.
What doesn’t kill you makes you hide in a corner and draw the shapes so no one can see it.
What doesn’t kill you nevertheless kills the other people in the car.
What doesn’t kill you..
Eventually you figure out the way to put it in a box, to close that box up tight, with a little padlock, and stick it on a shelf, in the room, in the house that you don’t go very often.
You always know it’s there, it never leaves the back of your mind. But it doesn’t have to rule you.
And one day, one day far away from now you might even pull yourself up short and realize, like a shot, that you haven’t even thought about it for days.
What doesn’t kill you will always be waiting there in that box. Like a steel rod in your leg. Like a scar over your eye.
It doesn’t make you stronger, that’s the stupid lie. But try as it might.
- Anders Nilsen, Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow  (via floriental)
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Saturday Evening Post Superheroes by Ruiz Burgos

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The best part of having superpowers
is that most of the time,
other people do not even know that you have them.
Like when Peter Parker goes bowling,
people just think he is a really awesome bowler,
and he totally gets away with using his Spidey senses;
and when Mr. Freeze is on OKCupid,
and he says, “I spend a lot of time thinking about: global warming,”
people just think he’s a conscientious dude.
And on the days that I get out of bed
and put on “appropriate workplace attire”
and have a conversation with the bus driver,
people can’t even tell that right then,
I am using my superpowers,

If you think I am brave
it is because you have never seen me out of costume.
I have a full-face-mask of “confidence”
to keep you from looking any closer,
my battles are not the sort that people tell stories about—
there is a reason that panic “attacks” are not called panic “fair fights.”
They will come for you when you are sleeping,
when you are in the grocery store,
when you are making love with someone
and it could not be more perfect,
they are the worst kind of villain,
creeping in unnoticed until you are surrounded,
until you cannot imagine any superpower that could ever overcome it,
and the worst part
is that the doctors won’t even call them panic attacks,
they refer to it as panic disorder,
this thing inside of me mutated
and growing stronger by the day,
every villain will tell you
the difference between a hero and a monster is the flick of a pen,
the darkening of a suit;

Magneto tried so desperately
to bring his wife and daughter back to him
it turned into a superpower,
a magnetic force so strong
it made everyone terrified of getting close to him.

When Spiderman saw what he had done to Gwen Stacy,
he held his lover’s body to his and prayed to just be Peter Parker,

The worst part of having superpowers
is that most of the time,
other people do not even know that you have them,
this heavy thing
your body was not built to hold;
If you think I am brave
it is because you have never seen me out of costume,
and the thing about panic disorder
is that eventually, it will convince you it is a superpower,
as it turns you invisible.
as it pushes everyone away,
like a force field,
like an impenetrable web
don’t you feel safe now?
no one
can touch you

 (after Doc Luben) 

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Modern horror movies with retro VHS covers

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terrasigillata replied to your post:i’m loving breaking bad, but damn does it spike my…

same ugh i could only watch 3 episodes a day at the most, it’s hard to marathon that

RIGHT?! it just took me like an hour to an hour and a half to calm down after three episodes. i’m usually such an adrenaline junkie too, but too much of this just gives me nervous energy.

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"you’re obsessed with your mental illness"

i know right? it’s almost like it impacts every part of my life

See also: “you’re obsessed with race”, “you’re obsessed with gender”, “you’re obsessed with economic issues”, and so on.

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i’m loving breaking bad, but damn does it spike my anxiety

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i rly can see myself spending the next 20 yrs not having any lasting bonds with a person, only going from one fleeting friendship to another or just collecting a bunch of fleeting friendships throughout my life then i die.

perhaps the idea of people forming lasting bonds/frienships outside of marriage is not a real thing, i always wonder. or perhaps i am just not good at it. perhaps both, tbh.

me too tho. it’s real and sad

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Brenna Twohy - “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them” (NPS 2014)

"My sex cannot be packaged. My sex is magic. It is part of a bigger story. I am whole. I exist when you are not fucking me."

One of the most memorable poems we saw at the National Poetry Slam this year. Harry Potter, feminism, sex positivity.

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