i kinda raise an eyebrow when people are like ‘omg the asoiaf books are not even well written it’s bad writing’

i don’t think any of u have actually read bad writing tbh. i mean i feel about these books the way i feel about harry potter, it’s not the best creative writing in the world but it tells a story and it creates a world and it’s not trying to be anything else? if u want to read some bronte shit u go do that


there is a place for both literature and escapism/pleasure reading in the world wow what a shocking concept

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Title: The Oil Slick
Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Album: Pedestrian Verse
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The Oil Slick - Frightened Rabbit

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Title: Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer)
Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
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the ugly truth is you’re the the loudest one here.
the soundtrack to your sadness is five-inch heels
on the wooden floor, your breath crashing
into that boys neck, winning everyone at beer pong.

all long curls like a telephone cord, eyes green
like the spinach his mother always told him
was good for him, and you’re good for him, you are
but being in someone else’s mouth is a big
commitment and you aren’t ready yet, you aren’t.

you let him touch you and call it cleansing.
call it forgetting. call it replacing. call it
catharsis. call it moving on. call it love, love,
love, but love isn’t supposed to feel this way.

the nightmares haunt. the memories are like fish
inside you, you keep trying to kill with knifes.
you sit in therapy for an hour and don’t say
a single word. can’t. won’t. can’t. can’t. can’t. won’t.

this boy is holding you, but his hands are empty.
still, you lie there and tell yourself maybe
he’ll get you to feel something.
his hair sticks to the pillow and you’re turning this
into more than it is. you make sure your hands
are always on him, terrified of what your own skin
feels like.

you use the word like a cleansing secret.
you say love so fast you always forget to taste it.
it comes out like a spill
at a bar no one wants to clean up.

- Nancy Barry, “Brittany” (via softletters)
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Title: Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Artist: Lorde
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Lorde - ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ (Full Song)

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My first tattoo in two years! I was overdue for one. Panel from The Amazing Spider-Man #353. Done by Fermin Hernandez at Central City Tattoo in San Bernardino, CA.

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marvel    tattoo   


Never get out of the car, Vanscapes by Alison Turner

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"talking about sexism or racism on Tumblr doesn’t solve anything"

really? because I am absolutely certain that I am a better, less bigoted person than I was a few years ago and that is most certainly due to the people I met and things I read on Tumblr

perhaps it doesn’t do anything for the worst of the worst but there are still plenty of people who do learn from impassioned Tumblr posts

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